Still Human, Still Here


STAR is one of over 50 organisations that form the Still Human Still Here coalition, campaigning to end the destitution of refused asylum seekers in the UK.

With 64% of initial asylum applications refused in the past year (Home Office Immigration Statistics), huge amounts of people are left destitute while waiting to be sent back to their country of origin or granted permission to stay in the UK. During this time they are refused the right to work, access to healthcare, and in many cases protection and legal representation when they need it.

Still Human Still Here is calling on the Government to give asylum seekers permission to work if they have been waiting for more than six months for their cases to be concluded, or if they have been refused asylum but cannot be returned home through no fault of their own, e.g. because removals have been suspended ( This is to allow vulnerable people to escape the prolonged state of limbo between decisions, alleviate the burden on the tax payer, and allow a small number of asylum seekers to support themselves and their families, as well as contributing to the economy and beginning to integrate British society.

As part of this coalition, STAR believes that the system in place at the moment is inhumane and ineffective, causing unnecessary destitution and suffering for people already fleeing persecution in their country of origin. We work to raise awareness about these issues to the student body and public opinion, and campaign against child detention, inadequate support for asylum seekers, as well as the flawed case consideration and decision-making process.

For more information about the Still Human Still Here campaigns, the other organisations involved, and how to take part, visit their website.

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