STAR Awareness Day


STAR Awareness Day is a STAR National campaign, meaning that all the STAR groups in the country did similar things, promoting awareness, and crucially, correct information, about issues surrounding refugees and asylum seekers.


We decided to go out into the Cathedral Square in Birmingham city centre, and asked people questions from a set questionnaire. We found that most people often didnt have a clue about the basics of refugees and asylum seeking, for example most people thought there were 10x the amount of asylum applications than there actually were. This, unfortunately, is not unusual, which is part of the reason STAR Awareness Day and all the other information-based campaigns we do are so important. Increasing and improving public knowledge and changing public opinion are key aims of ours, and through events like this we hope to continue reaching those aims.


Another focus of our STAR Awareness Day was campaigning for an increase of the weekly allowance given to asylum seekers to be raised to be the same as unemployment benefit. To do this we got people to draw around their hands and sign their handprints. It was a fantastic day, and we hope to make this year’s Awareness Day even more successful.


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